Real Estate Market Place

Nowadays “Real Estate Market Place” is a competitive business region. For an agent or broker, selling houses and apartments have become more and more ponderous. Only calls from the buyers to an agency can’t bring the light of success. Website and social media profile are not capable enough to draw the buyers towards buying.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported according to their discovery that responsiveness is very emergent according to 92% of house buyers and sellers. Among them, 83% also given importance to hearty communication skills.

The types of communication buyers want can be given by Telemarketing. But traditional phone systems cannot provide ongoing communication. That’s why technologies like virtual phone systems are becoming a beneficial process for the seller of real estate properties.



There is no possibility to take property buying lightly. Potential buyers will take their time to clear up their doubts and will go ahead with a lot of questions before purchasing. It is a very normal attitude of the buyers. Buyers want the opportunity to quickly and effectively communicate with realtors and brokers when they have questions to ask and something to discuss. Telemarketing and particularly virtual phone team can greatly uplift your business to a new level. It is a workable method to get significant business contacts.

Businesses use this tool for appointment setting and lead generation. They also use this to expand their customer reach.

So, If you or a real estate entity wants to boost their sell and most importantly want to work smartly and effectively, a virtual phone team can help the necessity.

Benefits of telemarketing:

  • Telemarketing is a cost-efficient selling tactic to patronize and sell products and services the costs are principally for the telemarketers and telephone bills only.
  • It offers you to achieve rapid results and not delayed feedback from potential consumers.
  • Since it is done through a phone call, the receiver of the call does not have an option but to listen to the offers.
  • Patronages your sales and supports to make your business grow when done properly
  • You can patronize and sell your products or services twenty-four hours a day.


If the benefits are Seen in detailed points

Telemarketing Actions :

Cold Calling

Cold Calling

Telemarketing doesn’t think too much about the business size, despite it simply works for the business. It produces a huge range of options for your target market. It is a feasible method of gaining new customers and also making updated ones.

Telemarketing is yieldable as it allows you to change the systems based on the requirements of your business. You can use it for instant lead generation, promote and sell products and services, get feedback, and much more.

It always allows you to go forward than your competitions and makes your company unique.


Minimizes Operational Costs:

Telemarketing costs you less as you don’t need to provide different materials from time to time. All you need are your dedicated telemarketers and effective pieces of equipment.

Boosts Your Sales:

This is the main outcome of telemarketing in the business. In this system, you can stay hassle-free and can see immediate results.

Sales agent’s capacity also plays a role in selling. Proper training and strong knowledge are also needed for success. Overall telemarketing can immensely boost your sales as long as you are doing it right and using the right method.


Lends More Reciprocal Sales Service:

Here actual humans work in the process and connect with the customers. It becomes interactive because customers find it relaxing when they get the opportunity to speak with the humans and their questions are directly answered.

Speaking with the customers gives the marketers a clear understanding of the mindset of the customers.  Through this, they can now identify how they can make the purchase.

24/7 availability of the system is also a plus point. It gives the customer a better impression of the service.


Can Borden Your Business Reach:

Telemarketing can easily expand your business by allowing you to contact and reach customers at a distance. It can enhance your sales territory and reach more prospects. It is a significant advantage for your company to get more potential business opportunities.

The expansion of the reach of your business through telemarketing is not only for new customers but also for existing customers.

Prompt Feedback on Products and Services:

Telemarketing allows you to get a measure of how interested your customers are in your products. It is also an effective way to collect quality customer feedback and discover more about the experience of a client with your brand.

It also indicates the areas where your company needs to improve. These insights give you market intelligence and can make you go ahead of the competition.

Creates Effective Databases:

It helps the company to keep an up-to-date database. You need to determine the demographic of your customers and always ask relevant questions. This works as a booster for the company.

Benefits of telemarketing services in real estate industry

Benefits of telemarketing services in the real estate industry

Leads to Face to Face Meeting:

Despite talking over the phone, some customers also prefer a face-to-face meeting. This also helps the company to become proactive and try to set up a meeting with the customers if possible. An action like this will benefit the company a lot.


Cold Calling in Real Estate

But cold calling, meaning the traditional phone systems are not ideal for uninterrupted communication. For this, a virtual phone team can work as a significant means of communication for real estate. This well-equipped system can reach their buyers quickly and with clarity.


Benefits of Virtual Phone System:

Virtual Phone System

Virtual Phone System

Introducing Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level:

Real estate marketing is all about selling properties and advertising. This important communication shouldn’t be limited only to phone calls, posting photos and videos online, or working over a website. It is also very essential nowadays to maintain a presence in voice calls, emails, and instant messaging systems. To maintain a synchronized presence in all mediums Virtual system is very essential for a real estate company. It allows companies to stay ahead and keep pace with the newest technology to improve themselves.

Improve the Rate of Successful Sales Calls:

An email campaign is not that successful in interacting with clients. Only a few people respond to emails. People like voice response more than emails.

The great thing about a Virtual system is, it has a feature as Interactive Voice Response which will produce an automated answering system and eventually lead to a marketing expert.


Virtual System works as a Lead Generator:

This system is an efficient lead generator. Initially the IVR responses. But a seller can answer the phone wherever he is. If one seller doesn’t respond it will be directed to others.

The call only goes to the voice mailbox when all of the members are busy. But this is very rare for this system. That is why a more sustaining lead gets generated.
This also helps to look after the waiting customers in future. It also creates a synchronization between the team members.


Boosting the Real Estate Business:

Old- fashioned systems are simply unable to compete with modern alternatives, which means a possible stall in business growth and success.

The virtual system consolidates all the phone systems, so every team member can be on the same system no matter where they are located, and calls can be transferred quickly and professionally.

This eventually leads to a boost in the business for the real estate companies. A very significant fact about the system is also that it is very much affordable for a company.

Communication is vital in the world of real estate. From traditional telemarketing to modern virtual systems, the main goal is to communicate with your customers in the easiest possible way.