Outbound Customer Care

Strengthen relationships between your customers and your brand with exceptional customer support that pleases users, increases retention, inspires renewal and encourages Word-Of-Mouth advertising.

We help growing companies compete

Our professional Customer Care Specialists streamlines your strategy and business processes to offer a seamless experience for your customers.

Trained on best practices and combined with years of experience our teams are fully committed to provide your customer with an exceptional support experience.

Increase renewals and lifetime value

Our Specialists encourage renewals by proactively reaching out to customers nearing the end of their contract via phone and personalized emails.
Moreover, our specialists check up on your customers to ensure they are fully utilizing your solution, navigate any additional needs and discern any opportunities for account growth.

Omnichannel inbound & outbound support

Build a customer care department the right way

With C4A, you’re not just hiring a single customer care rep. You’re getting an entire Customer Care department at a fraction of the cost and effort of hiring internally.

For each project, we provide: a Success Manager to drive high-level strategy, a Project Manager to oversee day-to-day operations, and one or more Customer Care Specialists working daily to delight and retain your customers.

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Take a look at our most successful growth contractor reviews

Excellent work. C4A assisted me with cold calling a large database. They were very open with communication and continually provided me updates with how they are progressing with this project. They were very receptive to communication and feedback. I recommend them highly for any cold calling/sales campaign.

M Ahmed

VP of Marketing, HomeFix Custom Remodeling

These guys were absolutely great! I was a little concerned at the beginning but I tend to be a control freak. They know their stuff and got a really good handle on the offer, before they started calling. Out of 100 calls we got 30 good leads! They were "machines"... very professional and efficient sales people, they got down to it first thing in the morning and didn't stop. AND even better was that I got to see everything LIVE. They have a great system because you can see your GOOD leads coming through. WOW! They went over the top in effort. I'm so happy. I'll order a 5000 call package next time. Do yourself a favor and order their gig - you won't be disappointed.

A Zag

Founder and CEO, A to Z G.C - Home Improvement

I was overly satisfied with the results, There spreadsheet was very informative and the delivery was great, I will definitely be working with them again.. and would highly recommend there services.

M Vandegrift

Founder and CEO, Capital Remodeling

I needed help getting calls done for my business. I'm an experienced cold caller, but like the guys say in their description. "Sometimes you just don't fell like doing it". Well, I didn't...so I decided to find some assistance. The guys were great! They followed my script, and knocked out the 100 calls in no time. I got all the calls recorded, so now I can go back and improve my script. We also got several people who were interested in working with us! So wins all around. C4A is GREAT! I highly recommend anyone using them, if you can... I'll probably have them too busy working with me!!

B Daniels

Founder & CEO, The BuildMore Group, LLC, NJ Real Estate

Yes, I want to retain customers with outbound customer care.